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Bookkeepers, Let Us help you launch your practice
Everything you need to 
launch a bookkeeping practice which gets noticed
Whether you're launching a new practice or relaunching with a bold new brand or a great new service, you want to do it with a bang, get noticed and attract clients.

Make it a success with this launch bundle of 10 different resources written specifically for bookkeepers, for just £27.
 10 Guides for Bookkeepers for just £27
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Here's what's you're going to get
  • 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas: The titles or ideas for a years' worth of social media posts - assuming you're posting one per day. This anything from why you started your business, to five days of posts helping your audience understand the five ways your most popular service can help them.
  • Content Planning System: A system I use to plan my content quarterly, and then break it down into daily and weekly posts. The guide includes links to downloadable spreadsheets and PDFs you can use for your own business - you can start filling them in today using my 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas.
  • Pricing Formula for Bookkeepers: By far one of the biggest sticking points for bookkeepers - how to price your services. In this guide, I take you through a formula to work out how much revenue you need to generate to take home the salary you deserve, and then I help you work that back to a day rate and an hourly rate and then look at the minimum you should be charging for your fixed fee work.
  • What to include in your Sales Copy: I take you through a simple five step process for writing sales copy which will appeal to your clients and tell them how to buy.
  • ​Simple Website Plan: If you've been wondering what you need to put on your website, this guide will give you a simple plan you can follow, with details of what to include on each page.
  • ​52 Blog Titles for your Website: Blogging is a great way to keep your website content fresh (this is good for ranking on sites like google), and also gives you the opportunity to show your clients and prospects that you know your stuff. In this guide I've given you a new blog title for every single week of the year.
  • FAQs List for your Website: This is another great thing to have on your website. A list of FAQs will save you having to answer the same questions over and over, and also shows your clients and prospects that you've thought about their needs. This guide includes 34 different FAQs you can answer on your website.
  • Email Templates for Prospects and Clients: If you've ever found yourself struggling to find the right words, this no-nonsense guide will help you write snappy emails in a range of situations, from responding to leads, to requesting testimonials.
  • ​Hashtags for Bookkeepers: If you've ever struggled with knowing how many hashtags to use or which hashtags to use - or even what is a hashtag, this is for you. This guide includes nearly three pages of hashtags categorised under themes relevant for bookkeepers.
  • How to Write a Strong Elevator Pitch: Probably the thing most people dread when going to networking. In this guide I talk you through the four main areas to focus on when perfecting your 60 second pitch so you can feel confident next time you're in the spotlight.

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8 tutorial videos for just £37 more!

We know that sometimes you need more than a guide, you need somebody to just show you what to do. That's why you can upgrade to receive these eight tutorials with 3 hours of content which will help you put what you learn from the guides into place. 

1. How to create social media images in Canva

2. How to build a website using a template

3. How to schedule social media posts

4. How to perfect your elevator pitch

5. How to get confident about pricing

6. How to build a content plan with a blog at the centre

7. How to stay on top of your leads

8. The extras which will help your website attract clients

Add these eight videos to your order for a special upgrade price of just £37

Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman are the founders of The 6 Figure Bookkeeper. We know what it takes to build a bookkeeping practice which gets noticed. We also know just how overwhelming the idea of marketing, networking, blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... can be. 

We've created this bundle of content for you to save you time and free up your head space so you can just get on with finding clients and running your business. But we also  know that as a bookkeeper you have so many questions about getting your business off the ground. It's not all Instagram Stories all day. You need help with pitching, pricing, building confidence sending those emails and quotes. That's why this bundle includes 10 guides to get you up and running and feeling so much more confident. 

  What People Are Saying:
"I just purchased your launch bundle and although I haven't had a chance to go through it properly yet I can already see so much value in it, I would have paid more!"

"Just wanted to say I downloaded your launch bundle this week and it's been just what I needed"

"Already added an FAQ page to my website this week thanks to your guidance. Hoping at a minimum to complete 1 task a week!"

"Thank you. I had no idea where I was going to start. Now I have a plan."

"THIS is what I've been looking for!!"

"I've just written four blog posts! I didn't know I had it in me! Now I know I just needed some help to start and I know my clients are going to love this. Thank you."

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